Viral RNA Purification


Extracts High quality RNA from Cell free samples and biological fluids

RNA extraction kit is based on custom designed RNA carrier, which gurantees efficient cextraction from with low viral titer samples.

Extracted RNA is free from inhibitors and is compatible RT-QPCR, Nanopore, NGS

Viral RNA Purification

50 rxn

100 €

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Viral RNA Purification

250 rxn

500 €

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OxGEn RNA extraction kit provides a simple and efficient method of isolating total RNA from Swab and Sputum. Samples are lysed is chaotropic solution protecting RNA from endgoneous RNases, and then custom designed RNA carrier is added which gurantees Most efficient precipitation of the RNA.

The samples are then processed through a spin column containing a clear silica-based membrane to which the RNA binds. Any impurities are effectively removed by subsequent washing. The purified RNA is then eluted in Oxgen Elution Buffer and is suitable for use in a variety of downstream applications.

Protocol of Viral RNA Purification

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